Question No. 1:-The 8-bit encoding format used to store data in a computer is
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question No. 2:-The resistance of an ideal voltmeter is _________
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question No. 3:-The tenacity or hardness with which the bond holds the cutting point or abrasives in place of a grinding wheel
is defined by the term ?
 B:-Grit size
 C:-Grain size
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question No. 4:-Generally, no corrosion allowance in wall thickness of a part is required, if the thickness is more than
 A:-5 mm
 B:-10 mm
 C:-20 mm
 D:-30 mm
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question No. 5:-Which of the following fine dust removal equipment is the most efficient ?
 A:-bag filter
 C:-electrostatic precipitator
 D:-cyclone separator
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

Question No. 6:-Bimetallic thermometers are used to measure the temperature in the range of
 A:--20° to 1600°C
 B:-300° to 1100°C
 C:-800° to 2000°C
 D:--20° to 300°C
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question No. 7:-For a first order isothermal chemical reaction in a porous catalyst, the effectiveness factor is 0.3. The effectiveness factor will increase if the
 A:-catalyst size is reduced or the catalyst diffusivity is reduced
 B:-catalyst size is reduced or the catalyst diffusivity is increased
 C:-catalyst size is increased or the catalyst diffusivity is reduced
 D:-catalyst size is increased or the catalyst diffusivity is increased
 Correct Answer:- Option-B

Question No. 8:-A filtration is conducted at constant pressure to recover solids from dilute slurry. To reduce the time of filtration, the solids concentration in the feed slurry is increased by evaporating half the solvent. If the resistance of the filter medium is negligible, the filtration time will be reduced by a factor of
 Correct Answer:- Option-C

Question No. 9:-1000 kg of wet solids are to be dried from 60% to 20% moisture (by weight). The mass of moisture removed in
kg is
 A:-100 kg
 B:-200 kg
 C:-500 kg
 D:-400 kg
 Correct Answer:- Option-D

Question No. 10:-Losses for flow through valves and fittings are expressed in terms of
 A:-drag coefficient
 B:-equivalent length of a straight pipe
 C:-shape factor
 D:-roughness factor
 Correct Answer:- Option-B


Q. No. 1. Various adjustments in an energy meter include
(a) light load or friction
(b) lag and creep
(c) overload and voltage compensation
(d) temperature compensation
(e) all of the above
Answer: (e) all of the above

Q. No. 2. The line trap unit employed in carrier current relaying:
(A) offers high impedance to 50 Hz power frequency signal
(B) offers high impedance to carrier frequency signal
(C) offers low impedance to carrier frequency signal
(D) Both (A) & (C)
Answer: (B) offers high impedance to carrier frequency signal

Q. No. 3.Most sensitive galvanometer is
(a) elastic galvanometer
(b) spot ballistic galvanometer
(c) Duddlb galvanometer
(d) vibration galvanometer
Answer: (b) spot ballistic galvanometer

Q. No. 4.The output of a feedback control system must be a function of
(a) reference and output
(b) input and feedback signal
(e) reference and input
(d) output and feedback signal
Answer: (a) reference and output

Q. No. 5. No load current in a transformer:
 (A) lags the applied voltage by 90°
(B) leads the applied voltage by somewhat less than 90°
 (C) leads the applied voltage by 90°
 (D) lags the applied voltage by somewhat less than 90°
 Answer:  (D) lags the applied voltage by somewhat less than 90°

Q. No. 6. E.m.f. of a Weston cell is accurately measured by
(a) isothermal voltmeter
(b) hot wire voltmeter
(c) electrostatic voltmeter
(d) electrodynamic voltmeter
Answer: (c) electrostatic voltmeter

Q. No. 7. technique is not applicable to nonlinear system ?
(a) Phase-plane representation
(b) Quasi linearization
(c) Functional analysis

Answer: (d) Nyquist Criterion

Q. No. 8. A 3 stack stepper motor with 12 numbers of rotor teeth has a step angle of
(A) 12°
(B) 10°

(C) 24°
(D) 8°
 Answer: (B) 10°

Q. No. 9.Commonly used standard capacitor is
(a) spherical type
(b) electrostatic type
(c) concentric cylindrical type
(d) multilayer parallel plate type
Answer: (c) concentric cylindrical type

Q. No. 10. The relative speed between the magnetic fields of stator and rotor under steady state
operation is zero for a
(A) dc machine.
(B) 3 phase induction machine.
(C) synchronous machine.
(D) single phase induction machine.
Answer: all options are correct

Electrical Engineering MCQ with Answers

Question No.1. A d.c. shunt motor runs at no load speed of 1140 r.p.m. At full load, armature reaction
weakens the main flux by 5% whereas the armature circuit voltage drops by 10%. The motor full load speed in r.p.m. is
(A) 1200
(B) 1203
(C) 1000
(D) 1080
Answer: (D) 1080
Question No.2 The voltage at the two ends of a transmission line are 132 KV and its reactance is
40 ohm. The Capacity of the line is
(A) 251.5 MW
(B) 217.8 MW
(C) 435.6 MW
(D) 500 MW
Answer: (C) 435.6 MW

Question No.3. The gravity controlled instrument has crowded scale because current is proportional to
(A) balancing weight
(B) deflection angle
(C) sine of deflection angle
(D) Location of CT
Ans: (C) sine of deflection angle

Question No.4. For LV applications (below 1 kV), ______________ cables are used.
(A) Paper insulated.
(B) Single core cables.
(D) Oil filled.
Answer: B) Single core cables.

Question No.5. The eddy current loss in an a-c electric motor is 100 watts at 50 Hz. Its loss at 100
Hz will be
(A) 25 watts
(B) 400 watts
(C) 200 watts
D) 219 watts
Answer: (B) 400 watts

Question No.6. The rotor frequency for a 3 phase 1000 RPM 6 pole induction motor with a slip of
0.04 is________Hz
(A) 8
(B) 4
(D) 2
Answer: (D) 2

Question No.7. In case of a universal motor, torque pulsation is minimized by _________.
(A) load inertia
(B) rotor inertia
(C) both rotor and load inertia
(D) none of the above
 Answer: (C) both rotor and load inertia

Question No.8. The pressure coil of a wattmeter should be connected on the supply side of the current coil
(A) supply voltage is low
(B) load impedance is low
(C) load impedance is high
(D) none of the above
Answer: (C) load impedance is high

Question No.9. The boundary of the protective zone is determined by the
(A) Location of CT
(B) sensitivity of relay used
(C) Location of PT
(D) None of these
Answer: (B) sensitivity of relay used

Question No.10. The two windings of a transformer is
(A) conductively linked.
(B) electrically linked.
(C) not linked at all.
(D) inductively linked.
 Answer :(D) inductively linked.

Electrical Engineering Questions with Answer

Question # 1. The drive motor used in a mixer-grinder is a
(A) universal motor.
(B) induction motor.
(C) synchronous motor.
(D) dc motor.
Ans: (A) universal motor.

Question # 2. The direction of rotation of hysteresis motor is reversed by
 (A) Reversing supply lead
 (B) Shift shaded pole with respect to main pole
 (C) Either A or B
 (D) Neither A nor B
Ans: (B) Shift shaded pole with respect to main pole

Question # 3. Alternating current is measured by
(A) induction ammeter
(B) permanent magnet type ammeter
(C) electrostatic ammeter
(D) moving iron repulsion type voltmeter
Ans: (A) induction ammeter

Question # 4. A 3-phase, 400 votts, 50 Hz, 100 KW, 4 pole squirrel cage induction motor with a rated slip of 2% will have a rotor speed of
(A) 1500 rpm
(B) 1570 rpm
(C) 1530 rpm
(D) 1470 rpm
Ans: (D) 1470 rpm

Question # 5. The torque, in a _____________is proportional to the square of the armature current
(A) DC series motor
(B) stepper motor
(C) 2-phase servomotor
(D) DC shunt motor
 Ans:(A) DC series motor

Question # 6. Inverse definite minimum time lag relay is also called ___________
(A) pilot relay.
(B) differential relay.
(C) over current relay.
(D) directional overcurrent relay.
 Ans:(B) differential relay.

Question # 7. The scale of a rectifier instrument is
(A) linear
(B) non-linear
(C) either (a) or (b)
(D) neither (a) nor (b)
Ans: (A) linear

Question # 8. The synchronous reactance of the synchronous machine is ______________.
 (A) Ratio between open circuit voltage and short circuit current at constant field current
 (B) Ratio between short circuit voltage and open circuit current at constant field current
 (C) Ratio between open circuit voltage and short circuit current at different field current
 (D) Ratio between short circuit voltage and open circuit current at different field current
 Ans.  (A) Ratio between open circuit voltage and short circuit current at constant field current

Question # 9. If an instrument has cramped scale for larger values, then it follows
(A) square law
(B) logarithmic law
(C) uniform law
(D) none of the above
Ans: (B) logarithmic law

Question # 10. In a three phase transformer, if the primary side is connected in star and secondary side is connected in delta, what is the angle difference between phase voltage in the two cases.
(A) delta side lags by -30°.
(B) star side lags by -30°.
(C) star side leads by -30°.
(D) delta side leads by 30°.
 Ans: (D) delta side leads by 30°. 


1. Which of the following is not a vector ?
(a) Linear momentum
(b) Electric potential
(c) Electric field
(d) Angular momentum

Answer: (d) Angular momentum

2. The efficiency of a machine should be as ______ as possible to reduce the operating
(a) high
(b) low
(c) either of the above
(d) none of the above

Answer:(a) high

3. The force between two charges is 120 N. If the distance between the charges is doubled,
the force will be
(a) 60 N
(b) 40 N


Question# 1. A sensitive galvanometer produces large deflection for a
(a) large value of power
(b) large value of current
(c) small value of current
(d) large value of voitage
(e) none of the above
Answer: (c) small value of current

Question# 2. Mass, in force-voltage analogy, is analogous to
(a) charge
(b) current
(c) resistance
(d) inductance
Answer: (d) inductance

Question# 3. To measure radio frequency, the suitable frequency meter is
(a) hetrodyne frequency meter
(b) reed vibrator frequency meter
(c) Weston frequency meter
(d) electrical resonance frequency meter
Answer: (a) hetrodyne frequency meter

Question# 4. Which of the following can be measured by the use of a tacho-generator ?
(a) Acceleration
(b) Speed
(c) Speed and acceleration
(d) Displacement

Answer: (b) Speed

Question# 5. The power of a n-phase circuit can be measured by using a minimum of
(a) (n - 1) wattmeter elements
(b) n wattmeter elements
(c) (n + 1) wattmeter elements
(d) 2n wattmeter elements
Answer: (a) (n - 1) wattmeter elements

Question# 6. Velocity error constant of a system is measured when the input to the system is unit
_______ function.
(a) parabolic
(b) impulse

(c) ramp
(d) step
Answer: (c) ramp

Question# 7. A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from
(a) oscillations
(b) loss of gain
(c) vibrations
(d) saturation in amplifying stages
Answer: (d) saturation in amplifying stages

Question# 8. Commonly used instruments in power system measurement are
(a) moving coil or iron
(b) induction
(c) rectifier
(d) electrostatic
Answer: (b) induction

Question# 9. Volt box is a component to
(a) compare voltage in a box
(6) measure voltage
(c) extend voltage range
(d) none of the above
Answer: (c) extend voltage range

Question# 10. is a closed loop system.
(a) Electric switch
(6) Direct current generator
(c) Car starter
(d) Auto-pilot for an aircraft
Answer: (d) Auto-pilot for an aircraft


Question # 1. In open loop system
(a) the control action is independent of the output
(b) the control action depends on system variables
(c) the control action depends on the input signal
(d) the control action depends on the size of the system
Answer: (a) the control action is independent of the output

Question # 2. Standard resistor is made from
(a) platinum
(b) maganin
(c) silver
(d) nichrome
Answer:  (b) maganin

Question # 3. Which of the following is the output of a thermocouple ?
(a) Alternating current
(b)  D.C. voltage
(c) A.C. voltage

(d) Direct current
Answer:  (b)  D.C. voltage

Question # 4. In a Weston frequency meter, the magnetic axes of the two fixed coils are
(a) parallel
(b)  inclined at 60°
(c) perpendicular
(d) inclined at 120°
Answer: (c) perpendicular

Question # 5. can be extended to systems which are time-varying ?
(a) Bode-Nyquist stability methods
(b) Transfer functions
(c) Root locus design
(d) State model representatives

Answer: (d) State model representatives

Question # 6. If the current in a capacitor leads the voltage by 80°, the loss angle of the capacitor is
(a) 10°
(b) 85°
(c) 120°
(d) 160°

Answer: (a) 10°

Question # 7. A conditionally stable system exhibits poor stability at
(a) low frequencies
(b) increased values of open loop gain
(c) reduced values of open loop gain
(d) none of the above
Answer: (c) reduced values of open loop gain

Question # 8. Basically a potentiometer is a device for
(a) comparing two voltages
(b) measuring a current
(c) comparing two currents
(d) measuring a voltage

Answer: (a) comparing two voltages

Question # 9. is the reference input minus the primary feedback.
(a) Manipulated variable
(b) Actuating signal
(c) Zero sequence
(d) Primary feedback
(b) Actuating signal

Question # 10. Resistances can be measured with the help of
(a) ohmmeters and resistance bridges
(b) voltmeters
(c) ammeters

Answer: (a) ohmmeters and resistance bridges